• Image of Capture Creature #078 Kappling

WARNING! This is a VERY small painting! The painted size of the image is close to an inch! This is an original painting from the Capture Creatures series. The piece is painted in gouache on watercolor paper and is sized at 5x7 inches. This painting is also published in the Capture Creatures encyclopedia available at TopatoCo: https://topatoco.com/products/tkt-ccreatures-reg

Capture Creature #078 Kappling, Aquatic & Telekinetic Type

Kappling is the infant form of Kappadee. Kappling's wings are entirely non-functional and the creature appears to have no capacity for communication. Another shortcoming is Kappling only possesses a single offensive maneuver. Curiously, it is a telekinetic attack, a trait that is not carried on as it evolves. The attack immediately exhausts Kappling, but not before the colossal burst of energy incapacitates all nearby creatures.

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