• Image of Capture Creature #114 Staant

This is an original painting from the Capture Creatures series. The piece is painted in gouache on watercolor paper and is sized at 5x7 inches. This painting is also published in the Capture Creatures encyclopedia available at TopatoCo: https://topatoco.com/products/tkt-ccreatures-reg

Capture Creature #114 Staant, Insect Type

The evolution of Puug, the tiny deer bug. Staant evolves by gaining physical strength and diverging from their colony. Staants make a conscious decision to sacrifice their building abilities for superior defensive qualities. Still small in stature, they team with countless other Staants to protect their colonies from aggressors. Staant's head-pincers grow quickly, so they often snap them off their own heads to use as weapons. When still attached to their heads, these pincers deliver powerful stings.