• Image of Capture Creature #147 Charcalk

This is an original painting from the Capture Creatures series. The piece is painted in gouache on watercolor paper and is sized at 5x7 inches. This painting is also published in the Capture Creatures encyclopedia available at TopatoCo: https://topatoco.com/products/tkt-ccreatures-reg

Capture Creature #147 Flame Type

Charcalk is a much sought after ornamental creature. Superstitiously considered a symbol of power and influence, prominent clans have always wished to display such a powerful and striking beast. The creature thoroughly resists any kind of domestication and must be carefully kept to avoid injury. Charcalk's metallic tail-feathers are used to shield itself from the attacks of other fire creatures, with which it has a combative relationship. Attempts at taming Charcalk are ill-advised.