• Image of Capture Creature #056 Rollecc

This is an original painting from the Capture Creatures series. The piece is painted in gouache on watercolor paper and is sized at 5x7 inches. This painting is also published in the Capture Creatures encyclopedia available at TopatoCo: https://topatoco.com/products/tkt-ccreatures-reg

Capture Creature #056 Rollecc, Insect & Snow Type

Rollecc is one of many diverging Foxecc evolutions, but this one is drawn to frosty locales. The creature gathers dense ice to use as projectiles and to build crude dwellings. These houses are shared with a number of other snow creatures, especially its evolutionary partner Frozecc. Rollecc have been known to accidentally roll up sleeping Powches and Pinipups, but they don't seem to mind.